Endowment Fund

Sustainability for the Future

The Wood River Women’s Foundation (WRWF) was founded in 2005, and has grown from 27 founders to more than 340 members today. Achieving our current size comes with a responsibility: To ensure that the WRWF can continue making positive impacts in the community we serve – and for which we care so deeply – it is important to assure our own sustainability.

In 2017, the Wood River Women’s Foundation Endowment Fund (the “Endowment”), a permanently restricted fund with the goal of ensuring the long-term sustainability of the WRWF, was created to achieve that purpose. In just the first year, 108 members enthusiastically embraced this opportunity, giving early and giving generously. Known as the Endowment Founder’s Circle, their rapid launch of our Endowment, along with gifts and investment returns since inception, gives us a current Endowment value of more than $600,000.

The Right Purpose

We are proud of our role as a major funding source for many needed programs in Blaine County. We now have the opportunity to ensure the WRWF’s long-term sustainability through prosperous and lean times, and to support our volunteer-driven operations. The Endowment’s principle balance is to be set aside in perpetuity. The spending policy adopted by the Board of Directors limits the use of the endowment draw to support the operating costs of the WRWF.

Whether you are a first time donor to our Endowment fund or you wish to continue making contributions each year, your gift will have a direct impact in the Wood River Valley forever.

Endowment Gift Form

Endowment Founders’ Circle Members

  • Lisa Adam
  • Lesley Andrus
  • Anonymous Donor
  • Renata Beguin
  • Martina Bradford
  • Terri Bullock
  • Judy Cahill
  • Alice Calvert
  • Christina Cernansky
  • Penny Coe
  • Jane Conard
  • Julia Mandeville Damasco
  • Janet DeBard
  • Kathleen Eder
  • Kathleen (Kathy) Edwards
  • Maija Eerkes
  • Gale Elkins in honor of Elizabeth H. Stenler
  • Gay Emery
  • Claudia Fiaschetti
  • Sandra Flattery
  • Susan Flynt
  • Margery Friedlander
  • Sue Fuller
  • Judy Getto
  • Susan Green
  • Peggy Grove
  • Sally Halstead
  • Charlotta Harris
  • Julie Harris
  • Joyce Hart
  • Lynne Heidel
  • Prue Hemmings
  • GwenCarol Holmes
  • Heather Horton
  • Dede Huish in honor of Marcia Liebich
  • Sally Jarvis in honor of the Bergren Jarvis Family Foundation
  • Judith Jellinek
  • Tish Jochums
  • Marcia Lee Kent
  • Gina Knox in memory of Bonnie Curran
  • Anna Kolousek
  • Gail Landis
  • Jeanne Landreth
  • Lisa Leach
  • Terri LeFaivre
  • Marcia Liebich
  • Ruth Lieder
  • Jeanne Liston in honor of Barbara Thrasher
  • G.G. Luke
  • Lisa Lynn
  • Lynne MacKenzie
  • Kiki Martin
  • Beth McCaw
  • Camille McCray
  • Sandy McCullough
  • Willa McLaughlin
  • Claire McNichols
  • Nicole McNichols
  • Jeanne Meyers
  • Laura Midgley
  • Sylvia Miller
  • Louisa Moats
  • Carrie Morrow
  • Jo Murray
  • Sara Nelson
  • Margo Nones
  • Esther Ochsman
  • Sally Onetto
  • Susan Passovoy
  • Wendy Pesky
  • Kathleen Phelan
  • Elaine Phillips
  • Linda A. Potter
  • Susan Reinstein
  • Cheryl Rice
  • Vicki Rogers
  • Barbara Rognlien
  • Carol Scheifele-Holmes
  • Rhea Schwartz
  • Mary Louise Sedin
  • Vicki Shapiro, M.D.
  • Sandy Shaw
  • Barbara Shelton
  • Leslie Silva
  • Richard Smooke in memory of Judith Smooke
  • Jane Springman
  • Gayle Stevenson
  • Diana Strandberg
  • Darci Swanson
  • Janet Teagle
  • Bonnie Thibodo in honor of Taya Small
  • Barbara Thrasher
  • Mary Thrasher in honor of Barbara Thrasher
  • Caryn Tyre
  • Charlotte Unger
  • Debra Vadalma
  • Kat Vanden Heuvel
  • Lauren Wagner
  • Nancy Wasilewski
  • Cheri Watson
  • Penny Weiss
  • Joanne Wetherell
  • Maryanne Whitcomb
  • Lynn (Margaret) Whittelsey
  • Jennifer Wilson in honor of Margery Friedlander
  • Gina Wolcott
  • Kit Wright
  • Patricia Zebrowski

Corporate Donors

Pioneer Title in honor of Debra Vadalma
Remax in honor of Joanne Wetherell