Your gift makes a difference 

We welcome and encourage all with a passion for philanthropy to help support our mission.

Why give? Together, through our giving, we help strengthen the social, economic, and cultural fabric of our community.

Wood River Women’s Foundation is a pooled giving group of women. Our mission is to support the work of Blaine County nonprofits for the health of our community. The member’s annual $1,000 contribution is given in Grants each year. To date, we have given over $2,000,000 in our community & beyond.



Operating: Our operating budget would welcome support for carrying out our tasks related to Education, Membership, Annual Meeting, etc.
Sprouting Fund: The Sprouting Fund was created to encourage women to try WRWF for half the fee the first year. The donor matches the fee for one year. The retention level has been high.
Pooled Fund: Here you would be giving to the pooled fund that goes directly to the Grantees each year.
A Tribute: Make a memorial or tribute gift on behalf of someone important in your life.
Capacity Building Fund: This fund gives mini-grants to nonprofits to support their training & education to make them better equipped to run their organizations.

*Become a Member: Join the WRWF! 

However you may wish to support the work of Wood River Women’s Foundation, know that your donation will be used to bring

 significant positive change to our community.