Wood River Women’s Foundation Committees

“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.”

  ~ African Proverb


Back Row: Terri Bullock, Joanne Wetherell, Lynne MacKenzie Front Row: Heather Burnett, Carrie Morrow, Sandy McCullough, Kit Wright

The WRWF Communications Committee is tasked with ensuring that communications across the organization support, elevate and emphasize the WRWF mission, and are delivered with a clear and consistent understanding of WRWF messages.

The Communications Committee is comprised of Sub-Committees including Marketing/PR, News Brief, Website and Social Media Teams. Each Sub-Committee works as a team as well as in collaboration with other Sub-Committees. Here is a brief description of each Sub-Committee.

Contact: Communications Chair Sandy McCullough – sandymccullough00@gmail.com, please email with any ​questions or thoughts.


The News Brief Team publishes an electronic News Brief once/month delivered via email to WRWF members and is the primary vehicle for communicating with membership. Team members focus on:
• Developing and publishing information on grantees, recent & upcoming WRWF events;
​ the work of the Foundation and other articles of general interest.
• We welcome participation from volunteers who are good writers and have some experience with
electronic publication processes. Let us know who you are!

Contact: Louisa Moats – louisa.moats@gmail.com


Joanne WetherellThis Sub-Committee develops opportunities for publicity, designs advertising, promotes our collective giving and cultivates supporters from the community at large.  The team does this by:

Working with local newspapers, magazines and radio programs highlighting events taking place in the community and encouraging participation by WRWF members and interested members of the public
 Linking the community to the goals and mission of WRWF through public awareness and creation of good will 

We encourage women who have backgrounds in Marketing and/or PR, or who like to design and create advertising and publicity to join our energetic committee! 

Contact: Joanne Wetherell svjoanne@gmail.com


The social media Sub-Committee focuses on social media engagement through our Facebook, and Instagram accounts.  We bring information on the following to our members and followers:  Updates about WRWF activities, events, milestones, honors and awards; information about philanthropy, women’s issues and news and updates on our local non-profit grantees. Our work is timely and our team is nimble. We welcome new team members who are proficient in creating content and using social media platforms. 

Contact: Carrie Morrowcmorrow1314@gmail.com


The website team collaborates with all WRWF Committees to maintain updated website information and advises the WRWF Board on relevant website issues.  We are actively seeking team members who are familiar with web-based information management – please join us!

Contact: Lynne MacKenzieadmac46@hotmail.com


The purpose of the Education Committee is to present educational opportunities to our members that support the mission of WRWF.

Focus is on increasing philanthropy by women and providing information that will lead to wiser, more effective giving.
The primary educational event is the winter forum, usually presented in January or February. We may present additional events as opportunities arise

Contact: Chair Louisa Moats – louisa.moats@gmail.com


The Events/Social committee is responsible for arranging and executing the various meetings and social events during the year and offers assistance to the Membership Committee and the Education Committee on their mixers and forums.  Our Committee organizes three main events:

The summer social, usually during July, the annual meeting in August and a festive Holiday gathering in December
We welcome any member to join us and contribute their creative ideas to these events which promote the mission of WRWF!

Contact: Chair Penny Weiss – penny.weiss@me.com


The Finance Committee is a standing committee of the WRWF.  

Its purpose is to provide oversight for the Foundation’s financial management, account, investments, related policies and internal financial controls.  
The Committee also oversees the relationship with the internal accounting and outside financial personnel.  Members interested in serving on the Committee should have previous experience on a non-profit board Finance Committee.

Contact: Chair Sylvia Miller – sylmill2009@gmail.com


This Committee advises the WRWF Board on all governance matters.  It welcomes input and ideas from all our members since governance issues are far reaching and can involve any aspect of the WRWF’s operation. 

As the WRWF has been operating as a qualified tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) organization since 2016, our governance work has expanded and become more complex.  One of the recent major accomplishments by our Committee was the completion of all required documentation pertaining to the launch of our endowment in 2017.  
Currently, the Governance Committee is fully staffed.  However, please feel to reach out to Gail if you have relevant skills or experience serving on a Governance Committee or if you have ideas or questions about a governance matter.

Contact:  Gail Landis- gail.landis@gmail.com


The Grants Committee is responsible for coordinating the annual pooled grant gifting process and for tracking grantees during the funding year.  Committee members:

Review and evaluate the grant applications, as well as make site visits
Determine the slate of application finalists to be presented on a ballot to the entire membership in March
Participate in this work during January and February, requiring members to commit to being in town during this period
Committee members may also volunteer to be involved in Impact sub-committee work with its own calendar throughout the year

Contact: Committee Co-Chairs Julie Brewer julienb@cruzio.com, Patti Zebrowski pez5@mac.com, and Gina Wolcott wolcottgina@gmail.com


The primary purpose of Impact Teams is to understand how granted funds benefit the community and to verify that those funds are being used in the spirit of their awarded grant. 

Team members learn about each grant project, create an avenue for dialogue with the Non Profit and discuss timing for a project visitation if applicable. The focus is on building a collaborative relationship supporting the non-profits projects and to discover the impact the non-profits have on their clients and the larger community.
The site visit or meeting at the completion of the grant project is to discuss and/or view the completed project and learn about the impact of the project in the community.

Contact Co-Chairs:  Sandra Flattery – ssflattery@aol.com, Margery Friedlander – mgfriedlander@gmail.com


 Talk about a growth spurt! As many of you know, membership in WRWF has grown dramatically in the past year. So it seems the membership committee’s efforts in recruiting new members are working. However, we’re also charged with making sure our members are engaged in our organization and continue to benefit from their membership. We accomplish our threefold task through a variety of member/guest orientation-recruitment events, through our connection process for new members and through smaller “Meet and Mingle” events for members and guests.

A more extensive orientation takes place three times a year; at our Après Ski Tea in the winter, the ‘Tini Party during the summer, and a welcoming Fall Brunch. The “team” meets the second Thursday of each month; we work year round and appreciate all hands on deck to assist with our many tasks.

Contact: Co-Chairs – Terri LeFaivre svterri@gmail.com, Kathleen Eder kjeder56@gmail.com


Launched by Barbara Thrasher and Marcia Leibich several years ago, the mission of this Fund is to provide funding for education and services that can enhance non-profit organizations’ governance and internal effectiveness in achieving its mission of sustainability. Examples of capacity building grants include: information technology support and training, fundraising training, PR/communication skills training, financial and governance training, and training regarding ways to measure impact. The Committee is responsible for receiving and evaluating applications for grants from this fund.

Any questions please contact: Sylvia Miller sylmill2009@gmail.com