Wood River Women’s Foundation Committees

“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.”

  ~ African Proverb


The Grants Committee is at the heart of the Wood River Women’s Foundation as it oversees and governs the process of vetting grant applications. Grants are awarded in following areas: arts, education, environment, health, recreation and social services.  This selection process culminates in the presentation of a slate of finalists on which the entire membership is eligible to vote. When the membership has voted, grants are awarded to the top vote recipients. The Grants Committee is lead by the Grants Coordinating Committee: Gina Wolcott, co-chairs in charge of volunteers; Lynne Heidel, co-chair in charge of contact with the nonprofits; and Kat Vanden Heuvel and Sandra Flattery, co-chairs in charge of Impact Teams. Volunteers, organized into four subcommittees, evaluate grant applications. Each of these subcommittees is led by a team of two co-chairs. We welcome the participation of any member who wishes to be involved in the grant selection process.

Grants Timeline


Chair- Kat Vanden Heuvel

The recently implemented Impact Team program gives members an opportunity to see WRWF dollars at work. The teams serve as community liaisons to current grantees with awards above $10,000. Their role is to build collaborative relationships that support grant projects and follow their progress. The three main responsibilities of each team are: to attend special activities or events of grantees to further understanding of the nonprofit‘s mission, the grant project, its objectives and potential for community impact. to conduct a mid-year site visit to discuss the progress and effectiveness of each project and to note any changes necessary. to hold a debriefing with grantees at the end-of-the grant year providing guidance for the grantee’s submission of final reports which focus on outcomes and community impact. All reports are circulated online to the WRWF membership.

Meet our Impact Teams


Chair- Penny Weiss

The Events Committee plans four major events each year for the WRWF.

  • The Educational Event in February
  • The Summer Social in July
  • The Annual Meeting in August
  • The Holiday Social in December

The Educational Event is planned in conjunction with the Educational Committee and the Annual Meeting is planned with the Grants Committee and the President of the WRWF. Two of our events are purely social to give our members a chance to get to know each other better, the Educational Event is planned to educate our members on philanthropy and the Annual Meeting is when we distribute our grant monies. Our committee meets on an as needed basis and often uses email to coordinate events rather than meet in person. This allows committee members who are in the Wood River valley on a part time basis to participate on the committee. To join our committee you can sign up at any event. We can always benefit from additional members on our committee. If you have interest in helping to plan, coordinate, and put on our member events please join the Events Committee!


Chair- Sara Nelson

Launched by Barbara Thrasher and Marcia Liebich several years ago, the mission of this Fund is to provide funding for education and services that can enhance non-profit organizations’ governance and internal effectiveness in achieving its mission of sustainability. Examples of capacity building grants include: information technology support and training, fundraising training, PR/communication skills training, financial and governance training, and training regarding ways to measure impact. The Committee is responsible for receiving and evaluating applications for grants from this fund. This is a new committee whose immediate responsibility is to establish specific guidelines for approving grant applications. Members are needed to help establish these guidelines and encouraged to serve on this committee.


Chair- Gail Landis

This Committee advises the WRWF Board on all governance matters. It welcomes input and ideas from all of our members since governance issues are far reaching and can involve any aspect of the WRWF’s operation. Among the important recent accomplishments of the Committee was completing the work for the WRWF to be incorporated as a qualified tax exempt organization, known as a 501(c)(3). The Committee is now in transition (as of January 2017) and will be reviewing its mandate, adding new members, and organizing itself to meet on a regular basis. Please contact Gail if you have an interest in this committee, or you have ideas or questions about a governance matter.


Chair- Esther Ochsman

The purpose of the Education Committee is to present educational opportunities to the WRWF members that support the mission of the WRWF, particularly increasing philanthropy by women and information that will lead to wiser, more effective giving. The primary educational event is the winter forum, usually presented in January or February, but the committee is not limited to the one event. The Committee works with the Board to develop topics and speakers that will interest and challenge the membership. The Events and Publicity Committees works with Education to make the event a success.



Chairs- Kathleen Eder and Terri LeFaivre

Talk about a growth spurt! As many of you know, membership in WRWF has grown dramatically in the past year. So it seems the membership committee’s efforts in recruiting new members is working. However, we’re also charged with making sure our members are engaged in our organization and in retaining our members. We accomplish our threefold task through a variety of member/guest orientation-recruitment events, through our mentor program for new members and through smaller “pop-up” events for members. The “team” meets the second Monday of each month; we are a busy group and can use your help!


Chair- Louisa Moats

Women who love to write are wanted for this committee. If you like to write and send out interesting articles, the local newspapers and magazines would love to hear from you as a representative of WRWF’s publicity committee. Cover the social events of the Foundation, use your photography skills to document events, gather information from WRWF committees and from the President and publish these monthly in the News Brief. Committee meeting dates are flexible and on an as-needed basis each month. Information for publication is gathered throughout the month and edited via e-mail. Creativity is encouraged.


Chair — Terri Bullock

The social media committee’s objective is to connect, educate and inspire our membership, the Wood River Valley community, and beyond. We raise awareness of the work our foundation does, the outreach we have in and around the community, and our impact through our social media platforms.

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The new WRWF Marketing Committee was formed in 2016 in order to create publicity, to design advertising, to speak about our collective giving, and to cultivate supporters and sponsors in order to inform the community at large about the philanthropy and the goals of the Wood River Women’s Foundation. Through these venues our own WRWF members are also informed. Our greatest emphasis to our members and to the community is on our grant recipient program.
This dynamic Committee works with the press of the local newspapers, magazines, and radio stations in order to place information pertinent to upcoming events. We consider it may encourage the  attendance of the community at large who are invited to our Educational or Annual Meeting events or as a recap for our members and the community about events that have just taken place. Social events and photos are also sent to the press. We consider our Marketing Committee to be the link between WRWF and the community.
We do encourage women who have backgrounds in Marketing or who like to design and create advertising and publicity to join our Marketing Committee. Please contact Joanne Wetherell at svjoanne@gmail.com for more information and to join this dynamic Committee.


Charlotta Harris

Judy Cahill

To join a committee please contact us at wrwcf1@gmail.com