Our Impact

Gail Landis & Georgia Stewart

2015/2016 - The Advocates
“Clearly, the Impact Teams promote open communication with our grantees. The nonprofits with whom I have been associated are grateful for this evidence of our continuing interest and appreciation of their work.”

Sheila Mells & Judy Smooke

 2015/2016 - Senior Connection
Working with the nonprofits that we fund by serving on Impact Teams has been very rewarding. I have worked with groups that I had been unfamiliar with. I gained a perspective on their work and the wonderful people involved and came to be a supporter of those groups. 

Laurie Ahren and Annie Fuller

2015/2016 - The Hunger Coalition
Being an Impact Team member provides the unique experience of having an insider and perspective of the assigned organization. Understanding the why, where and how our funds are spent enriches the relationship between grantor and grantee.

Alice Calvert and Ruth Lieder

2015/2016 - Girls on the Run
I saw this poem called To Be Of Use, and couldn't resist using a verse to describe my feelings about our great Impact Teams; I love the people who harness an ox to a heavy cart, who pull like water buffalo, with massive patience, who strain in the mud and muck to move things forward, and do what has to be done, again and again.

Louisa Moats

 2015/2016 - NAMI
I like being on the Impact Team because I believe strongly in following our money to determine whether or not it is having a beneficial effect in the community. I also enjoy very much having the more sustained contact with the grantees. Very satisfying.

Jill Hitchin

2015/2016 - NAMI
I like being an impact team member because you learn in depth what the organization is striving to accomplish and you get to know the people involved at a deeper level. I have grown to appreciate how hard members of our non-profits work to make our community a better place to live.

Marcia Liebich & Ellen Fastow (not pictured)

 2015/2016 - Blaine County Education Foundation
I am very impressed with the Education Foundation, but also amazed at the great need there is in our public schools for assistance for students to participate in extracurricular activities, and  also fees for college entrance exams.

Micki Chapin, Aimee Christensen & Sandra Flattery 

 2015/2016 - Hailey Ice
The backing and effort made by the Wood River community to build the 34,000 square foot Campion Ice House at a cost of $6,000,000 was an amazing thing to experience.  The facility is having a huge effect on the valley.

Kat Vanden Heuvel & Jana Foushee

2015/2016 - The Flourish Foundation

Margery Friedlander and Sandy Sterken

 2015/2016 - Sun Valley Center for the Arts
I love being on the impact committee. It is so rewarding to see the wonderful work that is done by the SVCA with the grant they received. Ditto for observing Swiftsure last year.. 

Ann Taylor & Nancie Tatum

2015/2016 - Planned Parenthood
The impact committees are a significant aspect of the foundation’s work in that they enable us to better understand our grant recipients’ projects and accomplishments. Through observing an organization’s activities and speaking with participants we can more readily determine whether our grant dollars are being used effectively. It also provides an opportunity to give useful input where appropriate.

As an impact committee member, I had the pleasure and privilege of getting to know the Planned Parenthood Teen Council and its director, Katie Nosworthy. It was exciting to listen to the girls discuss the issues and to see how effectively they interact under Katie’s inspiring leadership. Clearly, the Teen Council’s programs and presentations in local schools are having a positive impact.

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 2015 Grant Recipients

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The WRWF invests in our community making a difference in health and well-being of people who live here.  We support the growth and development of nonprofits in the Wood River Valley by partnering with them on projects that strengthen their services, extend their outreach, and contribute to the quality of life in the valley.  By assigning Impact Teams to current grantees, we seek to develop a collaborative relationship with each one.


Impact Teams are assigned to support each year’s grantees..  Each team works with one nonprofit over the course of the grant year, they:

  • Learn about the non-profits’ work by attending the nonprofits’ activities as appropriate
  • Make midyear site visits to discuss progress of the projects
  • Hold an end-of-year debriefing with grantees to identify the effectiveness of projects and the community impact

From their work, WRWF publishes an annual report on each of the nonprofits’ accomplishments and community impact.

“Thank you for your grant to NAMI – WRV. While I no longer reside in the valley, I appreciate everything you have done to help this organization remain vital in the WRV. It is unlike anything that I have seen anywhere in Canada and I fervently wish we had these resources up here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do to make Blaine County a thriving community.”

Wendy Norbom, past Executive Director, NAMI