03_03WRWF members each pledge to give $1,000 per year, which they may donate entirely to the Pooled Grant Fund. This Pooled Grant Fund is the focus of the WRWF annual grants process. Pooling these funds enables us to give significantly large grants, up to $25,000, and to have a measurable positive impact on our community.

Alternatively, members may choose to donate half to the Pooled Grant Fund and the balance to be given to one or two non-profit organizations of their choice in the United States. WRWF refers to these as Member Designated Funds because they are completely at the discretion of the individual member. While WRWF does not track these donations individually, we do know the total amount that members designate each year and that approximately 93% is given within Blaine County. When Member Designated Grants are added to the Pooled Grant Fund awards, the total impact of Wood River Women’s Foundation giving is significantly larger.

If you have any questions please contact Grants Coordinating Committee Chair, Lynne Heidel at wrwfgrants@gmail.com.


WRWF Pooled Fund Grants Awarded by Year with Project Descriptions, 2006 through 2016

Grants over $10,000
The Advocates – Domestic Violence Housing First $25,000
Blaine County Education Foundation – Signature Programs to support BCSD Students & Teachers $25,000
Blaine County Sheriff Search and Rescue – Increase BCSAR Seasonal Mobility w/ UTV $21,500
Hemingway Elementary School, Star Lab – An Exploration of the stars, Moon & a Laser Show $13,100
Hospice & Palliative Care of the Wood River Valley – Building Repair $14,000
Hunger Coalition& The Community Library “Bloom” – Growing Healthy Bodies & Healthy Minds $27,000
Lee Pesky Learning Center – Mental Health Services for Adolescents w/ Learning & Attention issues $18,000
Little Wood River Public Library – Recycle & Rehabilitate the Little Wood River Library $20,000
NAMI – Wood River Valley, Sustainability, Marketing & Office Equipment Upgrade $25,000
Higher Ground SV & BCRD – Mainstreaming at Camp (MAC) $5,900
Total Granted to Applicants Above $10,000 $194,500


Grants $10,000 and Under
Environmental Resource Center – Pesticide Action Program $10,000
Rotarun Ski Club, LASAR Afterschool Program for Children to Learn to Alpine Ski and Race $7,000
Sun Valley Summer Symphony – Elementary Strings Program Instrument Bank Project $10,000
NexStage Theater – Drama Education Programs $3,100
Total Granted to Applicants $10,000 and Under $30,100 
Total Pooled Funds Granted in 2016* $224,600 
*2016 Member Designated Funds will be reported in January 2017

Grants over $10,000
The Advocates – Green Dot Bystander Intervention $20,000
Blaine County Education Foundation, Signature Programs for Student and Teacher Support $22,500
Flourish Foundation, School-Based Mindfulness Education Program $25,000
Girls on the Run of the Wood River Valley, Mission and Issue-Based Community Outreach $11,600
Hailey Ice, The Campion Ice House “Fill the Building” $14,500
Hunger Coalition, Daily Bites $20,00
NAMI – Wood River Valley, Crisis Intervention Training and Inmate Support Group $20,000
Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest, Wood River Valley Teen Council Peer Education $25,000
The Senior Connection, Senior Meals Program $15,000
Sun Valley Center for the Arts, Exposing Students to Professional Art and Artists $12,500
Total Granted to Applicants Above $10,000 $186,100


Grants $10,000 and Under
Boulder Mountain Clayworks, Nonprofit Partnering Project $10,000
Rotarun Ski Club, LASAR Afterschool Program for Children to Learn to Alpine Ski and Race $7,000
Syringa Mountain School, Chromebooks for 3rd through 8th Grade Students $2,900
Wood River Orchestra, Purchase of Supplies and Equipment for Performances and Acquisition of Musical Instruments $5,400
Wood River YMCA, Make-A-Splash $5,000
Total Granted to Applicants $10,000 and Under $30,300 
Total Pooled Funds Granted in 2015* $216,000 
*2015 Member Designated Funds will be reported in January 2016

The Advocates – (Every teen has a choice (ETC) Leadership & Green Dot Summit) $20,000
Bellevue Library – (Refurbish library & create a long range fundraising plan) $25,000
Blaine County Community Drug Coalition – (B.R.A.V.E., guided program for at-risk youth) $12,000
Crisis Hotline – (Teen Suicide Awareness) $12,500
Lee Pesky Learning Center, College of Southern Idaho Head Start – (Early Childhood Education Parent Outreach) $25,000
NAMI – Wood River Valley – (Teacher & Facilitator Training for Educational Programs) $18,500
Senior Connection, Swiftsure Ranch – (Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Aphasia Training for Swiftsure Staff) $8,000
Swiftsure Ranch – (Ranch Hand Program, Summer Work Program for At-Risk Youth) $25,000
Wood River Foundation – (WOW Students, Promoting Philanthropy among Students of All Ages) $9,125
Wood River YMCA – (Swimming Safety Instruction) $5,000
2014 Total $160,625

The Advocates, St. Luke’s Center for Community Health – (Youth Engagement and Leadership) $25,000
Blaine County Education Foundation – (After School Tutoring program) $5,000
Blaine County Education Foundation, The Community School,
Nurture – (School Nutrition and Wellness)
Crisis Hotline – (Volunteer Training) $6,000
Flourish Foundation – (Program Expansion) $10,000
Girls on the Run – (Operational Expansion) $5,000
The Hunger Coalition – (Classes on Growing and Cooking Food) $12,000
I Have a Dream – (Start-up Funds) $25,000
Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest – (Teen Council) $25,000
Senior Connection – (Alzheimer’s Program Scholarships) $8,200
Wood River YMCA – (Swimming Safety Instruction) $7,500
2013 Total $163,700

Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley – (No Cost Community Spay/Neuter Program, partial funding) $1,324
Crisis Hotline – (General Operating Support) $4,000
The Hunger Coalition, College of Southern Idaho, The Advocates – (The Integrated Education Initiative; job, life, and language skills classes) $40,000
National Alliance for Mental Illness – Wood River Chapter – (Crisis Intervention Training in collaboration with local law enforcement) $6,000
Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest – (Sexual Risk Reduction in the Wood River Valley) $15,240
Senior Connection – (Education Materials for caregivers and day care for Alzheimer’s patients) $3,200
Sun Valley Adaptive Sports – (PACK: Peak Adventure Camp for locals with disabilities) $25,000
Wood River YMCA – (The Y Kids Club after-school program, K – 5th grades) $6,400
2012 Total $101,164

The Advocates – (Engaging men and boys in violence prevention, hiring a male educator) $20,000
BC Education Foundation – (Can-Do Fund to help low-income students cover basic extracurricular costs) $5,000
The Hunger Coalition – (Mobile Food Bank Program: outreach to drive mobile food bank) $25,000
Planned Parenthood – (Cuidate! Program for lowering Latino teen rates of STDs and pregnancy) $16,573
Senior Connection – (Meals on Wheels: meals to homebound seniors and disabled persons) $7,500
WR Community Orchestra – (Mentoring community members by providing instruments and lessons) $9,000
WR Fire and Rescue – (Smart Board interactive whiteboard for training, emergency preparedness) $9,288
2011 Total $92,361

The Advocates – (Research a revenue generating project) $20,000
Environmental Resource Center – (Wild Connections, experiential science program) $4,000
Habitat for Humanity – (Build duplex to provide 2 affordable housing units) $10,000
The Hunger Coalition – (Mobile Food Bank Program) $25,000
Lee Pesky Learning Center – (College Aspirations Project) $15,000
Planned Parenthood – (Cuidate! Pilot program for lowering Latino teen rates of STDs and
St. Luke’s Foundation – (Mental Health scholarship fund) $5,000
2010 Total $89,500

The Advocates – (Women’s Economic Action Program) $12,000
BC Education Foundation – (Enrichment for BC public preschool program) $5,000
Council Circle – (Operating funds to pay facilitator salaries) $15,000
The Hunger Coalition – (Back Pack Program, weekend food for high risk children) $25,000
La Alianza – (La Alianza Latino Leadership Initiative) $15,000
NAMI – (Peer to Peer Mentoring Program) $5,000
Wood River YMCA – (Y on Wheels, Carey and Woodside) $25,000
2009 Total $102,000

BCSD Probation Program – (Connections Project cooperative between BCSD and BC Probation) $25,000
Big Brothers/Big Sisters – (Seed money for Big Brothers/Big Sisters program in Blaine County) $10,000
The Hunger Coalition – (Pilot for summer food program at Woodside Elementary) $19,500
La Alianza – (Leadership program to prepare Hispanics for community service) $5,000
Sawtooth Emergency Services – (Purchase infant manikin for training and developing pediatric protocols) $29,500
Senior Connection – (Computer program to track participants and activities) $15,000
2008 Total $104,000

Council Circle – (Two youth circles per week at Woodside and Bellevue Elementary schools) $10,000
Environmental Resource Center – (Van and staff for mobile outdoor education program) $13,000
La Alianza – (Seed money for a Hispanic Center in Blaine County) $20,000
NAMI – (Part-time administrator) $15,000
Sagebrush [SETCH] – (Continuation of BC School District program for disabled children) $8,000
SV Adaptive Sports – (100 local children with disabilities in recreation programs) $15,000
WR Fire and Rescue – (Two ventilators and two blood pressure monitors) $10,000
2007 Total $91,000

Bellevue Library – (Refurbishing library) $10,000
CASA – (Supporting Guardians Ad Litem in Blaine County) $5,000
CSI Biology Lab – (Equipment for new biology lab on Hailey campus) $12,500
Senior Connection – (Transportation for Blaine County seniors) $9,500
2006 Total $37,000

2006-2016 Total Pooled Fund  + Designated Fund Grants = $1,474,600

We look forward to future support of our Blaine County non-profits.  Please check back for annual updates.